Rules & Regulations

  • Each team will be guaranteed four games, some divisions a MAXIMUM of 7 games.
  • No player can be added to the roster after the first game.
    All tournament players must be listed on your first game sheet,which shall become your final tournament roster.
    Photocopy of official Birth Certificates must be available at all times during the tournament, in case a player is challenged.
    A player can register on 1 roster only. Maximum of 19 players may register and dress for each game.
  • Mercy Rule: If by or at any time during the third period one team is ahead 5 goals or more, RUNNING TIME WILL COMMENCE and will not revert back. If 10 goals or more separate teams at the end of the second period, or any time during the third period, the scoreboard will not display any additional goals.
  • Scoring: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
  • Game Times: Teams need to be ready to play 15 minutes before game time. There will be a 2 minute warm-up prior to each game. Referee discretion to run clock, if start of game is delayed with excessive warm-up. In the event of a tie during the playoffs, there will be overtime. The format for this overtime will be for the first 5 minutes 4 on 4 plus goalies. The next five minutes, will be 2 on 2 with goalies. Please note that at the end of the 5 minutes the buzzer will sound and play will stop. In the event of a penalty during overtime the offending team will serve the penalty as per the GTHL guidelines (offending team will be short player(s) for the duration of the penalty during the 4 on 4 and 2 on 2). If teams are still tied: will go to shoot out. First 5 players can be selected by coach. If teams are still tied, 5 different players must be selected. No one player can shoot twice in any shoot out.
  • No time outs allowed, except in Finals, where only one 30 second time out shall be allowed per team.
  • The red line rule applies to icing ONLY.
  • 12-12-15 minute periods for all categories.
  • Exception 2012 age group 12-12-12

  • Due to a discrepency in body contact regulations in different USA states and different provinces in Canada, body contact shall ONLY be permitted in the 2002-2004 Divisions Only.
  • Full face masks are required. Neck guards are recommended for USA teams but not mandatory.
  • Any player receiving a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game only. That penalty will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee for further suspensions if necessary.
  • The stick curvature rule does not apply.
  • A maximum of four coaches allowed behind the bench..
  • The ice surface will be flooded after each game.
  • Home and Visitors status on game sheet shall supersede any other listings. Coaches must sign game sheets. All teams must complete their respective game sheets at least 15 minutes before scheduled game time to insure no sweater color conflicts. In case of conflict in jersey colors, Home Team has the right to choose their jersey color.
  • Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • a) Winner of two teams. In event of a three way tie, this procedure does not apply.
    b) The best plus minus goals record.
    c) Add ‘goals for’ and ‘goals against’. Divide that into ‘goals for’. Highest percentage will advance.
    d) If the above procedures do not break the tie, a coin toss will be the final tie breaking procedure.
  • Playoff Rankings Format for Applicable Divisions
    -Each Division Winner will advance and be ranked by percentage rule below. Each division shall have one winner.
    The remaining wild cards shall be determined by the percentage rule only as tie breakers. In the event of both teams tie in a division with 7 points, ie no losses both shall advance
    -Remaining teams will rank by “goals for” + “goals against” divided into “goals for= %
    Highest percentage advances to fill remaining wildcard openings for playoffs. In the event of a percentage tie, most goals for will be considered.
  • Coaches and Managers are responsible to control their players and Parents to ensure that each game is played safely, with no vulgar language or harmful infractions displayed. Team management responsible for any damages caused by their children to Arena facilities.
  • Tournament Officials and/or Tournament Head Referee can waive any rule, game misconduct’s and may over rule and make any final decisions necessary.
  • All Teams are responsible for bringing their own locks for dressing rooms as the tournament will NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen items.