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Game #:dateTimedivisionHomevisitorsArenaRinkScore
Friday's Games
31-Jun9:15 AM2004Mississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)The Chill (ONT)CHES-21-4
41-Jun9:15 AM2004Maitland Ice Sharks (ONT)Precision 67s (ONT)CHES-33-1
51-Jun9:15 AM2005 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Greater Toronto All Stars (ONT)WES-19-2
61-Jun9:15 AM2006 ELITEHenrich Hockey (ONT)Norfolk Admiral Hockey (ONT)WES-35-0
71-Jun9:15 AM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Pups (ONT)Pro Hockey Lewis (OT)VSV-A2-10
81-Jun9:15 AM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Smales (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)VSV-D6-0
91-Jun9:15 AM2010 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - KinsellaCanadian Hockey Enterprises (ONT)EVER-N2-5
111-Jun9:30 AM2004Regional Central (ONT)Dunny's (ONT)CHES-15-1
121-Jun9:30 AM2004Regional Express East (ONT)Power Play Hockey (USA)CHES-42-0
131-Jun9:30 AM2008 ELITEPro Hockey Brick (ONT)Best of the Rest (ONT)WES-24-1
141-Jun9:30 AM2007 ELITERoyals (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-43-4
151-Jun9:30 AM2006 ELITEIce Gators (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)WES-52-2
161-Jun9:30 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Detroit Jr. Red Wings Brick (USA)VSV-B5-1
171-Jun9:30 AM2009 ELITEAxis Hockey Systems (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Jinman (ONT)VSV-C5-1
181-Jun9:30 AM2011 AAANorth Bay Power Edge (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)EVER-S2-7
201-Jun10:25 AM2005 AAAYSB (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES-28-0
211-Jun10:25 AM2007 AAAPrecision 67s (ONT)Maskin Hockey (ONT)CHES-31-7
221-Jun10:25 AM2009 AAAPro Hockey Cook (ONT)Hisey Hockey (ONT)WES-10-8
231-Jun10:25 AM2009 AAALittle Rascals (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES-31-5
241-Jun10:25 AM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Bertolo (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)VSV-A2-9
251-Jun10:25 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)VSV-D0-5
261-Jun10:25 AM2010 ELITEHill Hockey (ONT)Pro Stars (ONT)EVER-N3-5
281-Jun10:45 AM2005 AAARegional Central (ONT)Xtreme Hockey (ONT)CHES-16-3
291-Jun10:45 AM2005 AAAToronto Ice Giants (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)CHES-41-5
301-Jun10:45 AM2008 AAARegional Central (ONT)C3 Hockey (ONT)WES-22-3
311-Jun10:45 AM2008 AAAPro Hockey Manuel (ONT)8ers (ONT)WES-43-10
321-Jun10:45 AM2008 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Niagara (ONT)WES-54-1
331-Jun10:45 AM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)Evolve Hockey (ONT)VSV-B10-2
341-Jun10:45 AM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - LAM (ONT)Shake n Bake (ONT)VSV-C5-3
351-Jun10:45 AM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Bambinos (ONT)Headstart Hockey (ONT)EVER-S4-3
371-Jun11:40 AM2003Regional Gold - Nother (ONT)Danglers Hockey Elite (ONT)CHES-21-4
381-Jun11:40 AM2003Power Play Hockey (USA)AMHD (ONT)CHES-32-2
391-Jun11:40 AM2009 ELITEPro Hockey Macchia (ONT)H2T Hockey (ONT)WES-112-0
401-Jun11:40 AM2009 ELITEThe Knights (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-38-2
411-Jun11:40 AM2010 ELITEToronto Professional (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-A3-9
421-Jun11:40 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - ViolaToronto Professional (ONT)VSV-D5-0
431-Jun11:40 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - CribariRegional Express East (ONT)EVER-N4-2
451-Jun12:00 PM2003Danglers Hockey (ONT)Precision 67s (ONT)CHES-11-4
461-Jun12:00 PM2007 ELITEToronto Ice Giants (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)CHES-45-1
471-Jun12:00 PM2005 ELITEEPA (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-22-1
481-Jun12:00 PM2008 AAAJunior Titans  (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)WES-41-3
491-Jun12:00 PM2007 AAARAGE (ONT)Pro Hockey Pamenter (ONT)WES-56-4
501-Jun12:00 PM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)Octane - Lewis (ONT)VSV-B4-2
511-Jun12:00 PM2010 AAARegional Central (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - DylanVSV-C2-7
521-Jun12:00 PM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Beuts (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Beast (ONT)EVER-S3-9
541-Jun12:55 PM2003Regional Gold - Corbin (ONT)Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)CHES-25-1
551-Jun12:55 PM2004Pro Hockey (ONT)Mississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)CHES-34-4
561-Jun12:55 PM2011 AAAInglewood 2011Pro Hockey Lewis (OT)WES-14-4
571-Jun12:55 PM2006 ELITEHenrich Hockey (ONT)Warriors (ONT)WES-32-1
581-Jun12:55 PM2006 ELITECatchin' Deers (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-A2-7
591-Jun12:55 PM2006 AAAKodiaks (ONT)General Sherman Hockey (ONT)VSV-D4-1
601-Jun12:55 PM2006 AAARegional Central (ONT)Pro Hockey Manuel (ONT)EVER-N1-0
621-Jun1:15 PM2010 AAANext Level Hockey (ONT)Pro Hockey Muraca (ONT)CHES-112-1
631-Jun1:15 PM2010 AAATPHS - Blue (ONT)Backhand (ONT)CHES-40-16
641-Jun1:15 PM2006 AAAPuck Hawks (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES-23-2
651-Jun1:15 PM2005 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)NHP (ONT)WES-41-4
661-Jun1:15 PM2007 ELITERoyals (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)WES-50-3
671-Jun1:15 PM2008 ELITENext Pro Reps (Ont)Team Pennsylvania Brick (USA)VSV-B0-2
681-Jun1:15 PM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-C7-1
691-Jun1:15 PM2012Olympic Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Bombers (ONT)EVER-S11-4
711-Jun2:05 PM2004Mississauga Maple Leafs (ONT)Maitland Ice Sharks (ONT)CHES-23-2
721-Jun2:05 PM2007 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)CHES-31-3
731-Jun2:05 PM2010 AAATPHS - White (ONT)C3 Hockey (ONT)WES-11-2
741-Jun2:05 PM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)NHP (ONT)WES-34-1
751-Jun2:05 PM2008 ELITECT Jr.  Rangers Brick (USA)Detroit Jr. Red Wings Brick (USA)VSV-A5-4
761-Jun2:05 PM2009 ELITEFEHT Kings Elite (ONT)Axis Hockey Systems (ONT)VSV-D2-9
771-Jun2:05 PM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Bertolo (ONT)EVER-N1-3
791-Jun2:25 PM2005 AAAVaughan Pro Stars (ONT)YSB (ONT)CHES-12-1
801-Jun2:25 PM2004The Chill (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)CHES-43-1
811-Jun2:25 PM2010 ELITECanadian Hockey Enterprises (ONT)Hill Hockey (ONT)WES-23-2
821-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAAToronto Professional (ONT)Pro Hockey Cook (ONT)WES-45-6
841-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAAUniversal Hockey (ONT)Little Rascals (ONT)WES-54-5
851-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAAHisey Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)VSV-B9-2
861-Jun2:25 PM2011 ELITEToronto Professional (ONT)Evolve Hockey (ONT)VSV-C7-2
871-Jun2:25 PM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)EVER-S2-4
891-Jun3:20 PM2004Precision 67s (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)CHES-22-5
901-Jun3:20 PM2005 AAAXtreme Hockey (ONT)Toronto Ice Giants (ONT)CHES-34-1
921-Jun3:20 PM2008 AAANiagara (ONT)Junior Titans  (ONT)WES-14-1
931-Jun3:20 PM2005 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Greater Toronto All Stars (ONT)WES-34-1
941-Jun3:20 PM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Pups (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Smales (ONT)VSV-A1-10
951-Jun3:20 PM2009 ELITEToronto Professional (ONT)The Knights (ONT)VSV-D1-6
971-Jun3:20 PM2012Headstart Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Beuts (ONT)EVER-N12-4
991-Jun3:40 PM2005 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)CHES-11-10
1001-Jun3:40 PM2003Danglers Hockey Elite (ONT)AMHD (ONT)CHES-41-4
1011-Jun3:40 PM2008 AAAC3 Hockey (ONT)Pro Hockey Manuel (ONT)WES-25-0
1021-Jun3:40 PM2008 AAA8ers (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)WES-45-4
1031-Jun3:40 PM2008 AAARegional Express West (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES-51-3
1041-Jun3:40 PM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Jinman (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)VSV-B8-0
1051-Jun3:40 PM2010 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - KinsellaRegional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-C3-3
1061-Jun3:40 PM2010 ELITEToronto Professional (ONT)Pro Stars (ONT)EVER-S4-5
1091-Jun4:30 PM2003Power Play Hockey (USA)Regional Gold - Nother (ONT)CHES-24-4
1101-Jun4:30 PM2003Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)Danglers Hockey (ONT)CHES-32-6
1111-Jun4:30 PM2006 ELITEShake n Bake (ONT)Warriors (ONT)WES-12-2
1121-Jun4:30 PM2007 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Toronto Ice Giants (ONT)WES-31-2
1131-Jun4:30 PM2009 AAAHenrich Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Cribari (ONT)VSV-A4-4
1141-Jun4:30 PM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - ViolaH2T Hockey (ONT)VSV-D6-0
1151-Jun4:30 PM2011 AAANorth Bay Power Edge (ONT)Inglewood 2011EVER-N3-6
1171-Jun5:00 PM2010 AAAPro Hockey Muraca (ONT)TPHS - Blue (ONT)CHES-15-6
1181-Jun5:00 PM2010 AAABackhand (ONT)Next Level Hockey (ONT)CHES-42-4
1191-Jun5:00 PM2006 AAAPro Hockey Manuel (ONT)General Sherman Hockey (ONT)WES-20-4
1201-Jun5:00 PM2005 ELITENHP (ONT)EPA (ONT)WES-42-0
1211-Jun5:00 PM2006 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Ice Gators (ONT)WES-53-4
1221-Jun5:00 PM2009 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Pro Hockey Macchia (ONT)VSV-B1-8
1231-Jun5:00 PM2008 ELITEBest of the Rest (ONT)Team Pennsylvania Brick (USA)VSV-C5-3
1241-Jun5:00 PM2012Toronto Bulldogs Bombers (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Bambinos (ONT)EVER-S8-7
1261-Jun5:45 PM2004Power Play Hockey (USA)Mississauga Maple Leafs (ONT)CHES-23-1
1271-Jun5:45 PM2005 AAARegional Express West (ONT)Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)CHES-31-0
1281-Jun5:45 PM2009 AAARegional Central (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)WES-17-2
1291-Jun5:45 PM2009 ELITEOctane - Lewis (ONT)FEHT Kings Elite (ONT)WES-32-6
1301-Jun5:45 PM2006 ELITENorfolk Admirals Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - LAM (ONT)VSV-A2-4
1311-Jun5:45 PM2007 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)VSV-D4-0
1321-Jun5:45 PM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Beast (ONT)Olympic Hockey (ONT)EVER-N4-14
1341-Jun6:15 PM2003Precision 67s (ONT)Regional Gold - Corbin (ONT)CHES-13-0
1351-Jun6:15 PM2004Dunny's (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES-42-4
1361-Jun6:15 PM2006 ELITENHP (ONT)Catchin' Deers (ONT)WES-25-3
1371-Jun6:15 PM2010 AAAC3 Hockey (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)WES-57-3
1381-Jun6:15 PM2006 AAAKodiaks (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES-52-3
1391-Jun6:15 PM2008 ELITENext Pro Reps (Ont)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-B5-5
1401-Jun6:15 PM2008 ELITEPro Hockey Brick (ONT)CT Jr.  Rangers Brick (USA)VSV-C3-3
1411-Jun6:15 PM2009 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Universal Hockey (ONT)EVER-S10-1
1431-Jun7:00 PM2007 AAAPro Hockey Pamenter (ONT)Precision 67's (ONT)CHES-25-5
1441-Jun7:00 PM2007 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)RAGE (ONT)CHES-30-9
1451-Jun7:00 PM2005 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-15-1
1461-Jun7:00 PM2010 AAAToronto Bulldogs - DylanTPHS - White (ONT)VSV-A8-3
1471-Jun7:00 PM2006 AAARegional Central (ONT)Puck Hawks (ONT)VSV-D0-5
1481-Jun7:00 PM2007 AAARegional Central (ONT)Maskin Hockey (ONT)WES-30-7
Saturday's Games
1542-Jun8:00 AM2007 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)Precision 67's (ONT)CHES-21-8
1552-Jun8:00 AM2005 AAARegional Express West (ONT)YSB (ONT)CHES-30-6
1562-Jun8:00 AM2005 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)WES-17-4
1572-Jun8:00 AM2007 AAAMaskin Hockey (ONT)Pro Hockey Pamenter (ONT)WES-35-0
1582-Jun8:00 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)FEHT Kings Elite (ONT)VSV-A2-8
1592-Jun8:00 AM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - LAM (ONT)Warriors (ONT)VSV-D3-5
1612-Jun8:00 AM2010 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - KinsellaHill Hockey (ONT)EVER-N6-3
1632-Jun8:15 AM2005 AAAVaughan Pro Stars (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES-17-1
1642-Jun8:15 AM2005 AAARegional Central (ONT)Toronto Ice Giants (ONT)CHES-46-1
1652-Jun8:15 AM2011 AAANorth Bay Power Edge (ONT)Pro Hockey Lewis (OT)WES-23-2
1672-Jun8:15 AM2006 AAAKodiaks (ONT)Pro Hockey Manuel (ONT)WES-48-1
1682-Jun8:15 AM2006 ELITECatchin' Deers (ONT)Ice Gators (ONT)WES-52-3
1712-Jun8:15 AM2007 ELITERegional Express East (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)VSV-B2-10
1722-Jun8:15 AM2005 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)EPA (ONT)VSV-C5-2
1732-Jun8:15 AM2011 AAAToronto Professional (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Smales (ONT)EVER-S1-6
1752-Jun9:15 AM2004Regional Central (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES-21-3
1762-Jun9:15 AM2004Regional Express East (ONT)Mississauga Maple Leafs (ONT)CHES-33-0
1772-Jun9:15 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - CribariUniversal Hockey (ONT)WES-17-0
1782-Jun9:15 AM2009 AAAHenrich Hockey (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES-32-2
1792-Jun9:15 AM2011 AAAInglewood 2011Toronto Bulldogs - Pups (ONT)VSV-A9-3
1802-Jun9:15 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)VSV-D8-3
1812-Jun9:15 AM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)EVER-N9-2
1832-Jun9:30 AM2004The Chill (ONT)Dunny's (ONT)CHES-11-3
1842-Jun9:30 AM2004Precision 67s (ONT)Power Play Hockey (USA)CHES-43-3
1852-Jun9:30 AM2008 AAARegional Central (ONT)Pro Hockey Manuel (ONT)WES-26-3
1862-Jun9:30 AM2008 AAAC3 Hockey (ONT)8ers (ONT)WES-49-1
1872-Jun9:30 AM2008 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Junior Titans  (ONT)WES-56-3
1882-Jun9:30 AM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Beuts (ONT)Olympic Hockey (ONT)VSV-B3-8
1892-Jun9:30 AM2006 ELITENHP (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-C4-4
1902-Jun9:30 AM2010 ELITECanadian Hockey Enterprises (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)EVER-S5-3
1922-Jun10:25 AM2003Regional Gold - Nother (ONT)AMHD (ONT)CHES-24-2
1932-Jun10:25 AM2003Danglers Hockey Elite (ONT)Power Play Hockey (USA)CHES-32-6
1942-Jun10:25 AM2006 AAAGeneral Sherman Hockey (ONT)Puck Hawks (ONT)WES-13-5
1952-Jun10:25 AM2010 ELITEPro Stars (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-30-5
1962-Jun10:25 AM2009 AAAHisey Hockey (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)VSV-A6-2
1972-Jun10:25 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Next Pro Reps (Ont)VSV-D5-1
1982-Jun10:25 AM2009 ELITEToronto Professional (ONT)Pro Hockey Macchia (ONT)EVER-N1-2
2002-Jun10:45 AM2003Regional Gold - Corbin (ONT)Danglers Hockey (ONT)CHES-13-4
2012-Jun10:45 AM2007 AAARegional Central (ONT)RAGE (ONT)CHES-44-7
2022-Jun10:45 AM2009 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)H2T Hockey (ONT)WES-24-1
2032-Jun10:45 AM2008 AAANiagara (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)WES-42-3
2042-Jun10:45 AM2006 AAARegional Central (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES-55-1
2052-Jun10:45 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Jinman (ONT)Octane - Lewis (ONT)VSV-B5-3
2062-Jun10:45 AM2010 AAARegional Central (ONT)TPHS - White (ONT)VSV-C12-3
2072-Jun10:45 AM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Bertolo (ONT)Evolve Hockey (USA)EVER-S7-1
2092-Jun11:40 AM2003Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)Precision 67s (ONT)CHES-21-7
2102-Jun11:40 AM2005 AAAXtreme Hockey (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)CHES-33-8
2112-Jun11:40 AM2006 ELITENorfolk Admirals Hockey (ONT)Shake n Bake (ONT)WES-14-5
2122-Jun11:40 AM2010 AAAToronto Bulldogs - DylanC3 Hockey (ONT)WES-33-4
2132-Jun11:40 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)Axis Hockey Systems (ONT)VSV-A0-12
2142-Jun11:40 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - ViolaThe Knights (ONT)VSV-D1-6
2152-Jun11:40 AM2012Toronto Bulldogs Bombers (ONT)Headstart Hockey (ONT)EVER-N5-6
2172-Jun12:00 PM2010 AAANext Level Hockey (ONT)TPHS - Blue (ONT)CHES-18-0
2182-Jun12:00 PM2007 ELITEToronto Ice Giants (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)CHES-40-3
2192-Jun12:00 PM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Catchin' Deers (ONT)WES-24-3
2202-Jun12:00 PM2005 ELITEEPA (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)WES-44-4
2212-Jun12:00 PM2010 AAAPro Hockey Muraca (ONT)Backhand (ONT)WES-52-12
2222-Jun12:00 PM2008 ELITEDetroit Jr. Red Wings Brick (USA)Pro Hockey Brick (ONT)VSV-B2-5
2232-Jun12:00 PM2008 ELITETeam Pennsylvania Brick (USA)CT Jr.  Rangers Brick (USA)VSV-C4-4
2242-Jun12:00 PM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)Inglewood 2011EVER-S9-7
2262-Jun12:55 PM2004Regional Express East (ONT)Maitland Ice Sharks (ONT)CHES-22-0
2272-Jun12:55 PM2007 AAAPro Hockey Pamenter (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES-33-1
2282-Jun12:55 PM2005 ELITENHP (ONT)Greater Toronto All Stars (ONT)WES-18-1
2292-Jun12:55 PM2007 ELITERoyals (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES-38-0
2302-Jun12:55 PM2008 ELITEBest of the Rest (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-A2-3
2312-Jun12:55 PM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - LAM (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)VSV-D2-3
2322-Jun12:55 PM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Bambinos (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Beast (ONT)EVER-N6-7
2342-Jun1:15 PM2004Regional Central (ONT)Mississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)CHES-13-6
2352-Jun1:15 PM2004Pro Hockey (ONT)The Chill (ONT)CHES-40-2
2362-Jun1:15 PM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Smales (ONT)Pro Hockey Lewis (OT)WES-26-3
2372-Jun1:15 PM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - CribariLittle Rascals (ONT)WES-44-1
2382-Jun1:15 PM2009 AAAUniversal Hockey (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES-51-7
2392-Jun1:15 PM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Dean (ONT)Pro Hockey Cook (ONT)VSV-B2-3
2402-Jun1:15 PM2011 ELITEToronto ProfessionalToronto Bulldogs - BertoloVSV-C1-0
2412-Jun1:15 PM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - KalapacaEvolve HockeyEVER-S10-0
2432-Jun2:05 PM2004Mississauga Maple Leafs (ONT)Precision 67s (ONT)CHES-21-1
2442-Jun2:05 PM2005 AAARegional Central (ONT)YSB (ONT)CHES-33-8
2452-Jun2:05 PM2010 ELITECanadian Hockey Enterprises (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-10-5
2462-Jun2:05 PM2008 AAARegional Express - EASTPro Hockey - ManuelWES-36-3
2472-Jun2:05 PM2009 ELITEFEHT Kings Elite (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Jinman (ONT)VSV-A5-7
2482-Jun2:05 PM2010 ELITEHill Hockey (ONT)Toronto Professional (ONT)VSV-D6-1
2492-Jun2:05 PM2010 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - KinsellaPro Stars (ONT)EVER-N6-1
2512-Jun2:25 PM2005 AAAXtreme Hockey (ONT)Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)CHES-10-11
2522-Jun2:25 PM2003Power Play HockeyVaughan Pro StarsCHES-46-3
2532-Jun2:25 PM2008 AAAC3 HockeyJunior TitansWES-26-4
2542-Jun2:25 PM2006 AAAPuck Hawks (ONT)Pro Hockey Manuel (ONT)WES-44-0
2552-Jun2:25 PM2008 AAA8ERSNiagaraWES-54-6
2562-Jun2:25 PM2009 ELITEToronto Professional (ONT)H2T Hockey (ONT)VSV-B5-2
2572-Jun2:25 PM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Beuts (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Bombers (ONT)VSV-C4-7
2582-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAAToronto Professional (ONT)Hisey Hockey (ONT)EVER-S1-10
2602-Jun3:20 PM2003Precision 67'sDangler Hockey - EliteCHES-21-2
2612-Jun3:20 PM2003Regional Gold - NotherRegional Gold - CorbinCHES-32-3
2622-Jun3:20 PM2006 ELITEIce Gators (ONT)NHP (ONT)WES-16-1
2632-Jun3:20 PM2007 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-32-3
2642-Jun3:20 PM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - Kalapaca (ONT)North Bay Power Edge (ONT)VSV-A5-7
2652-Jun3:20 PM2009 ELITEThe Knights (ONT)Pro Hockey Macchia (ONT)VSV-D2-3
2662-Jun3:20 PM2012Olympic Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Bambinos (ONT)EVER-N10-6
2702-Jun3:40 PM2010 AAAToronto Bulldogs - DYLANTPHS - BLUEWES-210-0
2712-Jun3:40 PM2006 AAAKodiaks (ONT)Regional Central (ONT)WES-41-1
2722-Jun3:40 PM2006 ELITEWarriors (ONT)Norfolk Admirals Hockey (ONT)WES-52-3
2732-Jun3:40 PM2008 AAARegional Express - WestRegional Express - CentralVSV-B7-0
2742-Jun3:40 PM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Team Pennsylvania Brick (USA)VSV-C7-0
2752-Jun3:40 PM2011 AAAToronto Professional (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Pups (ONT)EVER-S8-3
2772-Jun4:30 PM2006 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)CHES-21-5
2782-Jun4:30 PM2005 AAAToronto Ice Giants (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES-32-0
2792-Jun4:30 PM2009 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Little Rascals (ONT)WES-12-4
2802-Jun4:30 PM2006 ELITEShake n Bake (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES-33-3
2812-Jun4:30 PM2003Danglers HockeyAMHDVSV-A3-5
2822-Jun4:30 PM2009 ELITEOctane - Lewis (ONT)Axis Hockey Systems (ONT)VSV-D0-8
2832-Jun4:30 PM2012Toronto Bulldogs - Beast (ONT)Headstart Hockey (ONT)EVER-N8-7
2852-Jun5:00 PM2004Power Play Hockey (USA)Maitland Ice Sharks (ONT)CHES-10-5
2862-Jun5:00 PM2007 AAARegional Central (ONT)Precision 67's ONT)CHES-44-2
2872-Jun5:00 PM2008 ELITECT Jr.  Rangers Brick (USA)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES-25-2
2882-Jun5:00 PM2005 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)NHP (ONT)WES-42-3
2892-Jun5:00 PM2005 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Greater Toronto All Stars (ONT)WES-56-2
2902-Jun5:00 PM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - ViolaRegional Express Gold (ONT)VSV-B2-3
2912-Jun5:00 PM2008 ELITEBest of the Rest (ONT)Detroit Red Wings Brick (USA)VSV-C0-4
2922-Jun5:00 PM2009 AAARegional Central (ONT)Pro Hockey Cook (ONT)EVER-S9-4
2942-Jun5:45 PM2006 AAARegional Express East (ONT)General Sherman Hockey (ONT)CHES-21-4
2952-Jun5:45 PM2007 AAARAGE (ONT)Maskin Hockey (ONT)CHES-34-6
2962-Jun5:45 PM2004Mississauga Mad Dogs (ONT) (ONT)Dunny's (ONT)WES-10-5
2972-Jun5:45 PM2007 ELITERoyals (ONT)Toronto Ice Giants (ONT)WES-34-1
2992-Jun5:45 PM2008 ELITENext Pro Reps (ONT)Pro Hockey Brick (ONT)VSV-D1-8
Sunday's Games
3053-Jun7:00 AM2006 ELITEWarriorsNHPWES-12-5
3063-Jun7:00 AM2006 ELITEHenrich HockeyRegional Express - GoldWES-34-6
3073-Jun7:00 AM2009 ELITEPro Hockey - MacchiaToronto Bulldogs - DeanVSV-A11-2
3083-Jun7:00 AM2009 ELITEAXIS HockeyToronto Bulldogs - ViolaVSV-D6-5
3093-Jun7:00 AM2006 ELITEToronto BulldogsShake and BakeEVER-N5-3
3113-Jun7:15 AM2008 AAAC3 HockeyRegional Express - WestWES-22-1
3123-Jun7:15 AM2009 AAAHisey HockeyLittle RascalsWES-413-1
3133-Jun7:15 AM2009 AAAHenrich HockeyPro Hockey - CookWES-56-1
3143-Jun7:15 AM2009 ELITEThe KnightsFEHT Kings EliteVSV-B3-4
3153-Jun7:15 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - JinmanReg Express GoldVSV-C5-3
3163-Jun7:15 AM2006 ELITEIce GatorsToronto Bulldogs - LAMEVER-S3-1
3183-Jun8:00 AM2009 AAARegional Express - CentralRegional Express - EastWES-16-8
3193-Jun8:00 AM2012Olympic HockeyToronto Bulldogs - BombersWES-38-2
3203-Jun8:00 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs - CribariToronto Bulldogs - DeanVSV-A12-1
3213-Jun8:00 AM2012Toronto Bulldogs - BeastHead Start HockeyVSV-D2-1
3223-Jun8:00 AM2010 AAAC3 HockeyBackhandEVER-N3-7
3243-Jun8:15 AM2005 ELITENHPToronto BulldogsWES-22-3
3253-Jun8:15 AM2008 AAARegional Express - EastNiagaraWES-43-1
3263-Jun8:15 AM2005 ELITEPro HockeyRegional Express - GoldWES-52-3
3273-Jun8:15 AM2008 ELITECT Rangers - BrickDetroit Red Wings - BrickVSV-B1-0
3283-Jun8:15 AM2008 ELITETeam Pennsylvania - BrickRegional Express - GoldVSV-C3-1
3293-Jun8:15 AM2010 AAANext Level HockeyToronto Bulldogs - DylanEVER-S1-0
3313-Jun9:15 AM2004The ChillMaitland SharksWES-12-1
3323-Jun9:15 AM2004Regional Express - EastPro HockeyWES-39-1
3333-Jun9:15 AM2010 ELITERegional Express - GoldPro StarsVSV-A5-3
3343-Jun9:15 AM2010 ELITECanadian Hockey EnterprisesToronto Bulldogs - KinsellaVSV-D2-4
3353-Jun9:15 AM2011 AAAToronto Bulldogs - SmalesNorth Bay Power EdgeEVER-N1-2
3373-Jun9:30 AM2003Power Play HockeyAMHDWES-21-2
3383-Jun9:30 AM2003Danglers Hockey - EliteRegional Gold - CorbinWES-41-7
3393-Jun9:30 AM2006 AAAPuck HawksGeneral Sherman HockeyWES-56-1
3403-Jun9:30 AM2009 ELITEAxis HockeyFEHT KnightsVSV-B7-2
3413-Jun9:30 AM2009 ELITEPro Hockey MacchiaToronto Bulldogs JinmanVSV-C10-4
3423-Jun9:30 AM2011 AAAInglewood 2011Toronto ProfessionalEVER-S3-5
3443-Jun10:25 AM2005 AAAYSBRegional Express - WestWES-15-2
3453-Jun10:25 AM2005 AAAVaughan Pro StarsRegional Express - CentralWES-30-4
3463-Jun10:25 AM2006 ELITENHPIce GatorsVSV-A5-4
3473-Jun10:25 AM2006 ELITEToronto BulldogsRegional GoldVSV-D2-4
3483-Jun10:25 AM2007 AAAMaskin HockeyPrecision 67sEVER-N7-2
3503-Jun10:45 AM2006 AAAKodiaksRegional CentralWES-26-2
3513-Jun10:45 AM2009 AAAHisey HockeyHenrich HockeyWES-41-0
3523-Jun10:45 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs CribariRegional Express EastWES-54-3
3533-Jun10:45 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - BrickTeam PennsylvaniaVSV-B5-0
3543-Jun10:45 AM2008 ELITEPro Hockey - BrickCT Rangers BrickVSV-C2-3
3553-Jun10:45 AM2007 AAAThe RageRegional CentralEVER-S5-3
3573-Jun11:40 AM2012Olympic HockeyToronto Bulldogs - BeastVSV-A10-9
3583-Jun11:40 AM2011 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - KalapacaToronto Bulldogs - BertoloVSV-D4-1
3593-Jun11:40 AM2007 ELITERegional Express - GoldPro HockeyEVER-N1-3
3613-Jun12:00 PM2010 AAABackhandNext Level HockeyVSV-B0-5
3623-Jun12:00 PM2005 ELITEToronto BulldogsRegional GoldVSV-C5-4
3633-Jun12:00 PM2004The ChillRegional Express - EastEVER-S1-3
3653-Jun12:55 PM2009 ELITEAxis HockeyPro Hockey MacchiaVSV-A3-6
3663-Jun12:55 PM2011 AAANorth Bay Power EdgeToronto ProfessionalVSV-D5-9
3673-Jun12:55 PM2008 AAAC3 HockeyRegional Express EastEVER-N1-4
3693-Jun1:15 PM2010 ELITERegional Express GoldToronto Bulldogs - KinsellaVSV-B2-3
3703-Jun1:15 PM2006 AAAPuck HawksKodiaksVSV-C4-1
3713-Jun1:15 PM2003AMHDRegional Gold CorbinEVER-S6-2
3733-Jun2:05 PM2006 ELITENHPRegional GoldVSV-A2-3
3743-Jun2:05 PM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - BrickCT Rangers - BrickVSV-D6-1
3753-Jun2:05 PM2007 AAAMaskin HockeyThe RageEVER-N1-0
3773-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAAHisey HockeyToronto Bulldogs - CribariVSV-B3-2
3783-Jun2:25 PM2005 AAAYSBRegional CentralVSV-C7-0