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Game #DateTimeDivisionHomeVisitorsArenaRinkScore
Friday Games
32-Jun9:15 AM2009 AAAHhat Tricks Hawks (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES25-0
42-Jun9:15 AM2009 ELITEPro Hockey Macchia (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)CHES37-7
52-Jun9:15 AM2005 AAARegional Express West (ONT)P4 Hockey (ONT)WES11-3
62-Jun9:15 AM2007 AAAPro Hockey Rando (ONT)Royals (ONT)WES32-5
72-Jun9:15 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Viola(ONT)Octane - Lewis (USA)VSVA7-1
82-Jun9:15 AM2010Toronto Bulldogs Dylan (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)VSVD10-0
92-Jun9:15 AM2008 AAAPenguins -Michalski (USA)Pro Hockey Rossi (ONT)EVERN2-5
112-Jun9:30 AM2006 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES16-5
122-Jun9:30 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Colavecchia(ONT)LMHPH (ONT)CHES44-6
132-Jun9:30 AM2007 AAATammers Elite (ONT)Macchia Hocley (ONT)WES22-6
142-Jun9:30 AM2007 AAA5 Hole Hockey (ONT)Octane STL (USA)WES410-1
152-Jun9:30 AM2008 AAANorthern Coyotes (ONT)Niagara Athletics (ONT)WES51-4
162-Jun9:30 AM2010Toronto Bulldogs Bertolo (ONT)Pro Hockey Costa (ONT)VSVB5-3
172-Jun9:30 AM2003 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Power Hockey (ONT)VSVC5-4
182-Jun9:30 AM2010Gold Springs (ONT)PMH 10 (ONT)EVERS8-2
202-Jun10:25 AM2004 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)Penguins - Blandina (USA)CHES22-4
212-Jun10:25 AM2004 AAAPenguins - Harkins (USA)Maitland Ice Sharks (ONT)CHES30-1
222-Jun10:25 AM2002The No Dekes (ONT)PDF Hockey(ONT)WES14-1
232-Jun10:25 AM2006 ELITECapital Hockey (ONT)Outlaws (ONT)WES31-1
242-Jun10:25 AM2005 ELITEEPA (ONT)Pro Stars (ONT)VSVA2-0
252-Jun10:25 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Patton (USA)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVD5-1
262-Jun10:25 AM2008 ELITEWIHD (ONT)Pro Hockey Rossi (ONT)EVERN4-2
282-Jun10:45 AM2006 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)The 6ix (ONT)CHES12-1
292-Jun10:45 AM2006 ELITEHenrich Hockey (ONT)Warriors (ONT)CHES43-5
302-Jun10:45 AM2005 ELITECatenacci Hockey (ONT)Octane STL (USA)WES27-0
312-Jun10:45 AM2004 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Ottawa Stars (ONT)WES46-3
322-Jun10:45 AM2005 ELITEBig Red (ONT)Midwest Crush (USA)WES53-2
332-Jun10:45 AM2007 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Detroit Red Wings Brick(USA)VSVB6-1
342-Jun10:45 AM2006 ELITEKings Hockey (ONT)Game Ready Hockey (ONT)VSVC9-3
352-Jun10:45 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Cameron (ONT)C3 Hockey (ONT)EVERS1-2
372-Jun11:40 AM2005 ELITEMississauga Ice Kings(ONT)Pro Hockey Karlo (ONT)CHES21-9
382-Jun11:40 AM2005 ELITEOakville Hockey (ONT)Phatoms (ONT)CHES32-1
392-Jun11:40 AM2006 AAARegional Express West (ONT)Penguins -Conway (USA)WES115-0
402-Jun11:40 AM2008 AAAPenguins - Stasa (USA)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)WES33-11
412-Jun11:40 AM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Penguins - Yingst (USA)VSVA6-0
422-Jun11:40 AM2007 AAAPenguins - Stern (USA)Oakville Hockey (ONT)VSVD0-8
432-Jun11:40 AM2007 AAAPenguins -Michalski (USA)Regional Express East (ONT)EVERN4-4
452-Jun12:00 PM2006 AAAKodiaks (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)CHES13-2
462-Jun12:00 PM2006 AAAPenguins -Mackinnon (USA)Regional Express Central (ONT)CHES44-1
472-Jun12:00 PM2008 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)GTA Kings (ONT)WES23-0
482-Jun12:00 PM2003 AAAAndy Meth Hockey (ONT)Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)WES42-2
492-Jun12:00 PM2009 AAAOctane STL (USA)Regional Express East (ONT)WES52-3
502-Jun12:00 PM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Octane North (USA)VSVB11-1
512-Jun12:00 PM2003 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Victus Academy (ONT)VSVC4-4
522-Jun12:00 PM2009 AAAWest End Warriors (ONT)Penguins - Kennedy (USA)EVERS11-1
542-Jun12:55 PM2003 AAAPro Hockey Teakle(ONT)GTA Spartans (ONT)CHES22-4
552-Jun12:55 PM2009 AAAHhat Tricks Hawks (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)CHES36-0
562-Jun12:55 PM2007 AAAMacchia Hockey (ONT)Pro Hockey Rando(ONT)WES12-6
572-Jun12:55 PM2007 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Pro Hockey - Team Ontario (ONT)WES33-3
582-Jun12:55 PM2009 ELITELMHPH (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Viola(ONT)VSVA1-8
592-Jun12:55 PM2007 ELITETeam Pennsylvania Brick (USA)Pro Hockey Brick (ONT)VSVD2-4
602-Jun12:55 PM2008 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Penguins -Michalski (USA)EVERN10-1
622-Jun1:15 PM2005 AAAPenguins Selects (USA)Regional Express Central (ONT)CHES10-8
632-Jun1:15 PM2006 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT) (ONT)Shake & Bake (ONT)CHES40-2
642-Jun1:15 PM2005 AAAPro Hockey Rando(ONT)Finest Prospects (ONT)WES20-2
652-Jun1:15 PM2005 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)WES41-9
662-Jun1:15 PM2008 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Northern Coyotes (ONT)WES56-2
672-Jun1:15 PM2004 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Pro Hockey NewPort (ONT)VSVB3-6
682-Jun1:15 PM2010Gold Springs (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs - Bertolo (ONT)VSVC8-6
692-Jun1:15 PM2010Pro Hockey Costa (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Dylan (ONT)EVERS1-12
712-Jun2:05 PM2004 AAAPro Hockey Teakle(ONT)Penguins - Blandina (USA)CHES22-0
722-Jun2:05 PM2004 AAARegional Express - East (ONT)(Octane STL (USA)CHES33-2
732-Jun2:05 PM2006 ElitePro Hockey (ONT)Capital Hockey (ONT))WES16-3
742-Jun2:05 PM2004 AAARegional Express West (ONT) (ONT)Mississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)WES30-3
752-Jun2:05 PM2004 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Penguins - Harkins (USA)VSVA0-4
762-Jun2:05 PM2007 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVD6-0
772-Jun2:05 PM2003 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)H2T Hockey (ONT)EVERN0-2
792-Jun2:25 PM2002Regional Express Gold (ONT)GH Hornets (ONT)CHES13-2
802-Jun2:25 PM2002Southwest Majors (ONT)Gong Show(ONT)CHES45-3
812-Jun2:25 PM2009 ELITEOctane - Lewis (USA)Pro Hockey Macchia (ONT)WES22-7
822-Jun2:25 PM2002Precision 67s (ONT)The No Dekes (ONT)WES40-3
842-Jun2:25 PM2009 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Colavecchia(ONT)WES57-1
852-Jun2:25 PM2005 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)EPA (ONT)VSVB3-6
862-Jun2:25 PM2005 ELITECatenacci Hockey (ONT)Pro Stars (ONT)VSVC3-1
872-Jun2:25 PM2008 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)WIHD (ONT)EVERS4-13
892-Jun3:20 PM2005 ELITEPro Hockey Karlo (ONT)Oakville Hockey (ONT)CHES26-2
902-Jun3:20 PM2005 ELITEMidwest Crush (USA)Mississauga Ice Kings(ONT)CHES35-1
922-Jun3:20 PM2006 ELITEThe 6ix (ONT)Kings Hockey (ONT)WES10-4
932-Jun3:20 PM2007 AAAOakville Hockey (ONT)Tammers Elite (ONT)WES31-1
942-Jun3:20 PM2008 ELITEPro Hockey Rossi (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Cameron (ONT)VSVA1-9
952-Jun3:20 PM2008 ELITEC3 Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Patton (ONT)VSVD0-9
972-Jun3:20 PM2005 ELITEPhatoms (ONT)Big Red (ONT)EVERN2-1
992-Jun3:40 PM2009 AAAPenguins - Yingst (USA)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES17-1
1002-Jun3:40 PM2008 AAANiagara Athletics (ONT)Penguins - Stasa (USA)CHES48-0
1012-Jun3:40 PM2006 ELITEWarriors (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES22-1
1022-Jun3:40 PM2006 AAAKodiaks (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)WES43-7
1032-Jun3:40 PM2006 ELITEGame Ready Hockey ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES55-5
1042-Jun3:40 PM2003 ELITEMHG Ontario (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)VSVB5-2
1052-Jun3:40 PM2007 AAAOctane STL - (USA)Penguins - Michalski (USA)VSVC1-7
1062-Jun3:40 PM2007 AAARoyals (ONT)Penguins - Stern (USA)EVERS13-0
1092-Jun4:30 PM2006 AAAPenguins -Mackinnon (USA)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES211-6
1102-Jun4:30 PM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Penguins - Kennedy (USA)CHES315-1
1112-Jun4:30 PM2006 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Penguins - Conway (USA)WES17-1
1122-Jun4:30 PM2010PHM 10 (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)WES31-6
1132-Jun4:30 PM2007 AAAPro Hockey - Team Ontario (ONT)5 Hole Hockey (ONT)VSVA0-4
1142-Jun4:30 PM2008 AAAGTA Kings (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)VSVD7-4
1152-Jun4:30 PM2007 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)EVERN5-2
1172-Jun5:00 PM2003 AAAPro Hockey Teakle(ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)CHES12-3
1182-Jun5:00 PM2006 ELITEOctane North (USA)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES40-9
1192-Jun5:00 PM2003 AAAVictus Academy (ONT)Andy Meth Hockey (ONT)WES21-2
1202-Jun5:00 PM2009 AAAOctane STL (USA)West End Warriors (ONT)WES43-10
1212-Jun5:00 PM2008 AAAToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)WES52-2
1222-Jun5:00 PM2008 AAAPro Hockey Rossi (ONT)Ontario Selects SHD (ONT)VSVB2-2
1232-Jun5:00 PM2007 ELITEPro Hockey Brick (ONT)Detroit Red Wings Brick (USA)VSVC1-0
1242-Jun5:00 PM2009 AAAHenrich Hockey (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)EVERS4-4
1262-Jun5:45 PM2003 ELITEPower Hockey (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)CHES210-0
1272-Jun5:45 PMCHES3
1282-Jun5:45 PM2003 AAAVaughan Pro Stars (ONT)GTA Spartans (ONT)WES11-2
1292-Jun5:45 PM2005 AAAP4 HockeyPenguins Selects (USA)WES38-0
1302-Jun5:45 PM2007 ELITETeam Pennsylvania Brick (USA)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVA1-1
1312-Jun5:45 PM2006 ELITEOutlaws (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)VSVD0-4
1322-Jun5:45 PM2004 ELITEOttawa Stars (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)EVERN0-5
1342-Jun6:15 PM2004 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Pro Hockey Teakle(ONT)CHES16-0
1352-Jun6:15 PM2004 AAAMaitland Ice Sharks (ONT)Mississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)CHES42-2
1362-Jun6:15 PM2004 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)WES25-1
1372-Jun6:15 PM2004 AAAOctane STL (USA)Ontario Selects SHD (ONTWES42-1
1382-Jun6:15 PM2006 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Shake & Bake (ONT))WES53-3
1392-Jun6:15 PM2005 ELITEOctane STL (USA)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVB0-9
1402-Jun6:15 PM2005 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Pro Hockey Rando(ONT)VSVC10-1
1412-Jun6:15 PM2005 AAAFinest Prospects (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)EVERS8-1
1432-Jun7:00 PM2002GH Hornets (ONT)Southwest Majors (ONT)WES13-5
1442-Jun7:00 PM2002PDF Hockey(ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES33-1
1452-Jun7:00 PM2004 ELITEPro Hockey NewPort (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)VSVA1-4
1462-Jun7:00 PM2002Gong Show(ONT)Precision 67s (ONT)VSVD3-0
1472-Jun7:00 PM2003 ELITEH2T Hockey (ONT)MHG (ONT)EVERN2-1
1503-Jun8:00 AM2009 ELITEOctane - Lewis (USA)Toronto Bulldogs Colavecchia(ONT)CHES23-7
1513-Jun8:00 AM2009 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)LMHPH (ONT)CHES34-4
1533-Jun8:00 AM2009 AAAPenguins - Yingst (USA)Octane STL (USA)WES11-5
1553-Jun8:00 AM2010Toronto Bulldogs Dylan (ONT)PHM 10 (ONT)VSVB6-5
1563-Jun8:00 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Viola(ONT)Pro Hockey Macchia (ONT)VSVC3-4
1573-Jun8:00 AM2008 AAAPenguins - Stasa (USA)Regional Express Central (ONT)EVERN1-9
1593-Jun8:15 AM2005 AAAFinest Prospects (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)CHES11-3
1613-Jun8:15 AM
1623-Jun8:15 AM2007 AAARoyals (ONT)Tammers Elite (ONT)WES26-1
1633-Jun8:15 AM2007 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Pro Hockey - Team OntarioWES42-4
1643-Jun8:15 AM2006 AAAPenguins -Mackinnon (USA)Kodiaks (ONT)WES54-4
1653-Jun8:15 AM2007 AAAPenguins -Stern (USA)Pro Hockey Rando (ONT)VSVA0-13
1673-Jun8:15 AM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)VSVD4-3
1683-Jun8:15 AM2010Pro Hockey Costa (ONT)Gold Springs (ONT) EVERS4-11
1723-Jun9:15 AM2004 AAAPro Hockey Teakle(ONT)Octane STL (USA)CHES22-5
1733-Jun9:15 AM2008 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)CHES31-1
1743-Jun9:15 AM2002Gong Show(ONT)The No Dekes (ONT)WES11-2
1753-Jun9:15 AM2003 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)MHG (ONT)WES30-0
1763-Jun9:15 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Patton (ONT)WIHD (ONT)VSVB6-5
1773-Jun9:15 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Cameron (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVC9-2
1783-Jun9:15 AM2010Toronto Bulldogs - Bertolo (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)EVERN7-8
1803-Jun9:30 AM2005 ELITEMississauga Ice Kings(ONT)Big Red (ONT)CHES13-4
1813-Jun9:30 AM2004 AAAMississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)CHES33-1
1823-Jun9:30 AM2005 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Catenacci Hockey (ONT)WES23-5
1833-Jun9:30 AM2005 ELITEOctane STL (USA)EPA (ONT)WES40-5
1843-Jun9:30 AM2006 ELITEThe 6ix (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES55-5
1853-Jun9:30 AM2006 ELITEGame Ready Hockey (ONT)Warriors (ONT)VSVA3-7
1863-Jun9:30 AM2007 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Team Pennsylvania Brick (USA)VSVD10-2
1873-Jun9:30 AM2008 ELITEPro Hockey Rossi (ONT)C3 Hockey (ONT)EVERS2-2
1893-Jun10:25 AM2005 ELITEMidwest Crush (USA)Oakville Hockey (ONT)CHES26-2
1903-Jun10:25 AM2005 ELITEPro Hockey Karlo (ONT)Phatoms (ONT)CHES36-1
1913-Jun10:25 AM2009 AAAHenrich Hockey (ONT)West End Warriors (ONT)WES12-7
1923-Jun10:25 AM2006 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Kings Hockey (ONT)WES35-4
1933-Jun10:25 AM2003 AAAVictus Academy (ONT)Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)VSVB2-5
1943-Jun10:25 AM2009 AAAPenguins - Kennedy (USA)Pro Hockey (ONT)VSVC2-6
1953-Jun10:25 AM2007 AAA5 Hole Hockey (ONT)Penguins -Michalski (USA)EVERN3-1
1973-Jun10:45 AM2006 AAAPenguins -Conway (USA)Pro Hockey (ONT)CHES10-6
1983-Jun10:45 AM2008 AAANiagara Athletics (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)CHES48-0
1993-Jun10:45 AM2002Regional Express Gold (ONT)Southwest Majors (ONT)WES22-5
2003-Jun10:45 AM2009 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Hhat Tricks Hawks (ONT)WES44-2
2013-Jun10:45 AM2002Precision 67s (ONT)PDF Hockey(ONT)WES50-0
2023-Jun10:45 AM2007 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Pro Hockey Brick (ONT)VSVD1-2
2033-Jun10:45 AM2007 AAAMacchia Hockey (ONT)Oakville Hockey (ONT)VSVA1-1
2043-Jun10:45 AM2008 AAAPro Hockey Rossi (ONT)GTA Kings (ONT)EVERS4-2
2063-Jun11:40 AM2004 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Ontario Selects SHD (ONT)CHES26-0
2073-Jun11:40 AM2006 ELITEOutlaws (ONT)Octane North (ONT)CHES35-3
2083-Jun11:40 AM2006 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Ontario Selects SHD (ONT)WES12-2
2093-Jun11:40 AM2006 AAAShake & Bake (ONT))Regional Express West (ONT)WES32-5
2103-Jun11:40 AM2004 ELITEOttawa Stars (ONT)Pro Hockey NewPort (ONT)VSVB1-2
2113-Jun11:40 AM2007 AAARegional Express - Central (ONT)Octane STL (USA)VSVC4-4
2123-Jun11:40 AM2010Toronto Bulldogs Dylan (ONT)Gold Springs ONT)EVERN2-10
2143-Jun12:00 PM2005 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Finest Prospects (ONT)CHES15-0
2153-Jun12:00 PM2007 AAAPenguins - Stern (USA)Tammers Elite (USA)CHES40-6
2163-Jun12:00 PM2006 AAARegional Express Central (ONT))Kodiaks (ONT)WES21-1
2173-Jun12:00 PM2005 AAAPenguins Selects (USA)Pro Hockey Rando(ONT)WES41-3
2183-Jun12:00 PM2005 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)P4 HockeyWES50-19
2193-Jun12:00 PM2006 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Capital Hockey (ONT)VSVA3-1
2203-Jun12:00 PM2004 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVD2-3
2213-Jun12:00 PM2009 ELITEOctane - Lewis (USA)LMHPH (ONT)EVERS3-4
2233-Jun12:55 PM2004 AAAPenguins - Blandina (USA)Octane STL (USA)CHES20-5
2243-Jun12:55 PM2004 AAAMaitland Ice Sharks (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)CHES35-2
2253-Jun12:55 PM2004 AAAMississauga Mad Dogs (ONT)Penguins - Harkins (USA)WES14-3
2263-Jun12:55 PM2008 AAAPenguins - Stasa (USA)Northern Coyotes (ONT)WES30-7
2273-Jun12:55 PM2009 ELITEPro Hockey Macchia (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Colavecchia(ONT)VSVB5-1
2283-Jun12:55 PM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Patton (ONT)Pro Hockey Rossi (ONT)VSVC6-1
2293-Jun12:55 PM2009 AAAToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Octane STL (USA)EVERN8-3
2313-Jun1:15 PM2003 AAAPro Hockey Teakle(ONT)Andy Meth Hockey (ONT)CHES12-3
2323-Jun1:15 PM2003 AAAGTA Spartans (ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)CHES45-0
2333-Jun1:15 PM2008 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)Penguins -Michalski (USA)WES26-0
2343-Jun1:15 PM2002GH Hornets (ONT)Gong Show(ONT)WES43-5
2353-Jun1:15 PM2003 ELITEPower Hockey Academy (ONT)H2T Hockey (ONT)WES58-2
2363-Jun1:15 PM2003 ELITEToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVA5-5
2373-Jun1:15 PM2007 ELITETeam Pennsylvania Brick (USA)Detroit Red Wings Brick (USA)VSVD3-7
2383-Jun1:15 PM2010Toronto Bulldogs Bertolo (ONT)PHM 10 (ONT)EVERS6-1
2403-Jun2:05 PM2005 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Pro Stars (ONT)CHES23-2
2413-Jun2:05 PM2006 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)Game Ready Hockey (ONT)CHES33-0
2423-Jun2:05 PM2006 ELITEKings Hockey (ONT)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES15-3
2433-Jun2:05 PM2005 ELITEEPA (ONT)Catenacci Hockey (ONT)WES34-1
2443-Jun2:05 PM2008 ELITEWIHD (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs Cameron (ONT)VSVB4-4
2453-Jun2:05 PM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Viola(ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVC8-0
2463-Jun2:05 PM2008 ELITERegional Express Gold (ONT)C3 Hockey (ONT)EVERN5-2
2483-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Penguins - Yingst (USA)CHES12-5
2493-Jun2:25 PM2009 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)West End Warriors (ONT)CHES41-10
2503-Jun2:25 PM2010Regional Express East ONT)Pro Hockey Costa (ONT)WES26-5
2513-Jun2:25 PM2005 ELITEMississauga Ice Kings(ONT)Oakville Hockey (ONT)WES43-1
2523-Jun2:25 PM2008 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Niagara Athletics (ONT)WES51-2
2533-Jun2:25 PM2007 AAARoyals (ONT)Macchia HockeyVSVA7-1
2543-Jun2:25 PM2008 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Pro Hockey Rossi (ONT)VSVD2-5
2553-Jun2:25 PM2006 ELITEThe 6ix (ONT)Warriors (ONT)EVERS9-3
2573-Jun3:20 PM2005 AAAPenguins Selects (USA)Regional Express West (ONT)CHES20-14
2583-Jun3:20 PM2007 AAA5 Hole Hockey (ONT)Regional Express East (ONT)CHES34-3
2593-Jun3:20 PM2006 AAAPenguins -Conway (USA)Shake & Bake (ONT))WES13-10
2603-Jun3:20 PM2009 AAAPenguins - Kennedy (USA)Henrich Hockey (ONT)WES31-9
2613-Jun3:20 PM2007 AAAOctane STL (USA)Pro Hockey Team Ontario (ONT)VSVB2-5
2623-Jun3:20 PM2007 AAAPro Hockey Rando (ONTIOakville Hockey (ONT)VSVC8-1
2633-Jun3:20 PM2007 AAAPenguins -Michalski (USA)Regional Express Central - (ONT)EVERN4-3
2653-Jun3:40 PM2004 ELITERegional Express - GoldPro Hockey - NewportCHES16-5
2663-Jun3:40 PM2005 ELITEBig Red (ONT)Pro Hockey Karlo (ONT)CHES40-4
2673-Jun3:40 PM2006 AAARegional Express East (ONT)Penguins -Mackinnon (USA)WES28-2
2683-Jun3:40 PM2002The No Dekes (ONT)Regional Express Gold (ONT)WES48-2
2693-Jun3:40 PM2006 AAAPro Hockey (ONT)Regional Express West (ONT)WES53-7
2703-Jun3:40 PM2007 ELITEToronto Bulldogs Brick (ONT)Pro Hockey Brick (ONT)VSVA4-1
2713-Jun3:40 PM2005 ELITEMidwest Crush (USA)Phatoms (ONT)VSVD2-2
2723-Jun3:40 PM2004 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)Pro Hockey Teakle (ONT)EVERS3-2
2743-Jun4:30 PM2006 ELITEPro Hockey (ONT)Outlaws (ONT)CHES210-4
2753-Jun4:30 PM2004 AAAPenguins - Blandina (USA)Regional Express East (ONT)CHES30-9
2763-Jun4:30 PM2005 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Pro Hockey (ONT)WES110-0
2773-Jun4:30 PM2006 ELITEOctane North (USA)Capital Hockey (ONT)WES31-2
2783-Jun4:30 PM2005 AAAPro Hockey Rando(ONT)P4 HockeyVSVB0-6
2793-Jun4:30 PM2007 ELITEDetroit Red Wings Brick (USA)Regional Express Gold (ONT)VSVC6-4
2803-Jun4:30 PM2009 AAAHhat Trick Hawks (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)EVERN3-5
2823-Jun5:00 PM2008 AAAToronto Bulldogs (ONT)Northern Coyotes (ONT)CHES14-7
2833-Jun5:00 PM2008 AAAGTA Kings (ONT)Penguins -Michalski (USA)CHES47-1
2843-Jun5:00 PM2004 AAAMaitland Ice Sharks (ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)WES22-3
2853-Jun5:00 PM2004 AAAPenguins - Harkins (USA)Regional Express West(ONT)WES40-3
2863-Jun5:00 PM2006 AAAOntario Selects SHD (ONT)Regional Express Central (ONT)WES53-3
2873-Jun5:00 PM2004 ELITEPro HockeyOttawa StarsVSVA5-4
2883-Jun5:00 PM2003 ELITEH2T Hockey (ONT)Toronto Bulldogs (ONT)VSVD1-5
2893-Jun5:00 PM2002Southwest Majors (ONT)PDF Hockey (ONT)EVERS2-2
2913-Jun5:45 PM2003 AAAGTA Spartans (ONT)Victus Academy (ONT)CHES35-2
2923-Jun5:45 PM2003 AAAPro Hockey Teakle(ONT)Vaughan Pro Stars (ONT)CHES22-5
2933-Jun5:45 PM2003 ELITEMHG (ONT)Power Hockey (ONT)WES15-7
2943-Jun5:45 PM2002GH Hornets (ONT)Precision 67s (ONT)WES34-3
2953-Jun5:45 PM2005 ELITEOctane STL (USA)Pro Stars (ONT)VSVB2-3
2963-Jun5:45 PM2003 AAARegional Express Central (ONT)Andy Meth Hockey (ONT)EVERN4-4
3014-Jun7:00 AM2009 AAARegional Express - EastHenrich HockeyWES13-0
3024-Jun7:00 AM2009 AAAHat Trick HawksPenguins Selects - YingstWES39-0
3034-Jun7:00 AM2009 ELITEPro Hockey - MacchiaRegional Express - GoldVSVA2-1
3044-Jun7:00 AM2009 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - ViolaLMHPHVSVD5-2
3054-Jun7:15 AM2006 AAAPenguins Selects - MackinonOntario Selects SHDEVERN4-3
3074-Jun7:15 AM2007 AAAPro Hockey - RandoPro Hockey - Team OntarioWES25-2
3084-Jun7:15 AM2007 AAAPenguins Selects - MichalskiOakville HockeyWES43-1
3094-Jun7:15 AM2010Gold SpringsToronto Bulldogs - BertoloWES57-2
3104-Jun7:15 AM2005 ELITECatenacci HockeyBig RedVSVB6-3
3114-Jun7:15 AM2005 ELITEMidwest CrushPro StarsVSVC2-1
3124-Jun7:15 AM2006 AAARegional Express - EastRegional Express - CentralEVERS3-4
3144-Jun8:00 AM2008 AAANiagara AthleticsOntario SelectsWES10-3
3154-Jun8:00 AM2010Toronto Bulldogs - DylanRegional ExpressWES39-5
3164-Jun8:00 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - PattonC3 HockeyVSVA6-0
3174-Jun8:00 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - CameronWIHDVSVD4-2
3184-Jun8:00 AM2008 AAAPro Hockey - RossiRegional Express - CentralEVERN7-1
3204-Jun8:15 AM2004 AAARegional Express - EastMaitland Ice SharksWES22-3
3214-Jun8:15 AM2004 AAAMississauga Mad DogsOctane - STLWES40-1
3224-Jun8:15 AM2005 AAAP4 HockeyFinest ProspectsWES55-1
3234-Jun8:15 AM2006 ELITERegional Express - GoldCapital HockeyVSVB4-3
3244-Jun8:15 AM2006 ELITEPro HockeyWarriorsVSVC7-3
3254-Jun8:15 AM2005 AAARegional Express - CentralRegional Express - WestEVERS4-3
3274-Jun9:15 AM2002 The No DekesPDF HockeyWES17-4
3284-Jun9:15 AM2002Southwest MajorsGong ShowWES36-0
3294-Jun9:15 AM2003 AAAGTA SpartansRegional Express - CentralVSVA9-3
3304-Jun9:15 AM2003 AAAAndy MethVaughan Pro StarsVSVD2-4
3314-Jun9:15 AM2003 ELITEToronto BulldogsH2TEVERN4-1
3334-Jun9:30 AM2009 AAAWest End WarriorsHat Trick HawksWES25-1
3344-Jun9:30 AM2009 AAAToronto BulldogsRegional Express - EastWES45-3
3354-Jun9:30 AM2007 ELITEToronto BulldogsRegional Express - GoldVSVB5-3
3364-Jun9:30 AM2007 ELITEPro HockeyDetroit Red WingsVSVC3-2
3374-Jun9:30 AM2003 ELITEPower HockeyMHGEVERS6-2
3394-Jun10:25 AM2007 AAARoyalsPenguins Selects - MichalskiWES14-0
3404-Jun10:25 AM2007 AAA5 Hole HockeyPro Hockey - Team OntarioWES32-1
3414-Jun10:25 AM2006 AAARegional Express - WestRegional Express - CentralVSVA2-0
3424-Jun10:25 AM2006 AAAShake And BakePenguins Selects - MackinnonVSVD5-3
3434-Jun10:45 AM2006 ELITEKings HockeyPro HockeyVSVB2-7
3444-Jun10:45 AM5-2
3454-Jun10:45 AM
3464-Jun10:45 AM2006 ELITEToronto BulldogsRegional Express - GoldVSVC
3474-Jun11:40 AM2009 ELITEPro HockeyToronto BulldogsVSVA2-3
3484-Jun11:40 AM2008 ELITEToronto Bulldogs - PattonToronto Bulldogs - CameronVSVD3-4
3494-Jun11:40 AM2010Gold SpringsToronto Bulldogs - DylanEVERN0-5
3514-Jun12:00 PM2005 ELITEEPAMidwest CrushVSVB5-3
3524-Jun12:00 PM2005 ELITEPro Hockey - KarloCatenacci HockeyVSVC6-0
3534-Jun12:00 PM2008 AAAOntario SelectsPro Hockey - RossiEVERS5-2
3554-Jun12:55 PM2004 AAAMaitland Ice SharksOctane - STLVSVA4-0
3564-Jun12:55 PM2005 AAAP4 HockeyRegional Express - CentralVSVD5-4
3574-Jun12:55 PM2002The No DekesSouthwest MajorsEVERN4-3
3594-Jun1:15 PM2007 ELITEToronto BulldogsPro HockeyVSVB0-1
3604-Jun1:15 PM2004 ELITEPro HockeyRegional Express - GoldVSVC4-3
3614-Jun1:15 PM2003 AAAGTA SpartansVaughan Pro StarsEVERS3-0
3634-Jun2:05 PM2009 AAAWest End WarriorsToronto BulldogsVSVA2-3
3644-Jun2:05 PM2006 AAARegional Express - WESTShake & BakeVSVD6-2
3664-Jun2:25 PM2006 ELITEPro HockeyToronto BulldogsVSVB3-4
3674-Jun2:25 PM2007 AAARoyalsPro Hockey - Team OntarioVSVC3-2
3694-Jun3:20 PM2005 ELITEEPAPro Hockey - KarloVSVA5-4
3704-Jun3:20 PM2003 ELITEMGHToronto BulldogsVSVD6-3