About Us


Dear Coaches, Managers, Hockey Parents and Hockey Enthusiasts,

With over 20 years experience, CCHA Sports is pleased to say that we have remained Canada’s Leader in the International Youth Hockey Tournament Industry. Our tournament has been growing consistently, year after year, and the good news is that we are continually fine tuning our events by actively pursuing more out of country teams. 
Our objective has been to clearly distinguish ourselves from all other tournaments by providing all prospective tournament participants with the most dynamic, professional, accurate and factual information in the industry. Happily, we have fulfilled this objective year after year and continue to strive for further industry leadership and excellence for our participants in coming years. 
We have made an enormous investment in our programs to clearly reinforce and confirm our full commitment to provide the most professional elite hockey programs available. In keeping with our objective, we have also made an enormous investment in our Website so that it may be Canada’s greatest and most informative hockey Website, filled with information on our Tournaments, Toronto Hockey News, Highlights, Over 1000 Pictures, and much, much more! All winning teams can surf our Website to find their winning portrait displayed all over the world, and print their own souvenir picture directly from their home computer.
A commitment to excellence has been our hallmark since the beginning. To provide every young hockey player with the best opportunity to display their talent has always been the guiding principle by which CCHA Sports operates. Our tournaments will always be Canada’s most sensational hockey events filled with the best young hockey players in the USA, Europe and Canada. The real joy we receive from our hockey tournaments is the knowledge that through our competitions, young hockey players of all ages are able to display their talents in a healthy and exciting atmosphere and use this experience to improve their skills and confidence.
With enthusiasm and pride, we are pleased to extend our personal invitation to our Annual Premier Hockey Tournaments – the Toronto Invitational Tournament in April and the North American Spring Showcase in June (formally know as the Ronald McDonald).  
In extending our invitation, CCHA Sports is confident these tournaments will present the ultimate measure of fun, excitement and competition necessary for everlasting hockey memories.

I encourage all players and coaches to aim high, think big, live life to the fullest, and never ever give up on your dreams. Please make sure to tell your children how proud you are of them, and we are too. 
From the friendly staff at the CCHA Sports and all the kind supporters of this event, we wish good luck to all of you and remember,every participant is a winner!
Yours truly,
Lilly Lamacchia
Sports Programs Coordinator
CCHA Sports Entertainment Group
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